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Midwest Cleaning Technologies has been offering state of the art truckmounted hot water extractions cleaning equipment since 1972. Their reputation for outstanding craftsmanship, durability, and that special attention detail has set the installation standard others try to match.

Midwest is proud to distribute truckmounted cleaning systems manufactured by Cleanco Truckmounts, MasterBlend, & The Flood-Smart Products, Power Rescue One Flood Pumpers.

Cleanco Truckmounts    *Engineered For Power and Dependability*

With over 30 years of refinement and engineering innovation, Cleanco’s Compact direct drive series delivers proven performance, dependability, and ease of use. Their space saving design and strategically placed comments leaves more floor space for other cleaning equipment and creates even weight distribution for greater passenger safety and vehicle handling. The E.T.M. Fuel System offers reduced fuel consumption providing greater fuel economy.

Cleanco direct drive truckmounted units are available in 3 sizes Compact 45 (365 CFM), Compact 47 (490 CFM), and Compact 56 (560 CFM). The units feature a precision balanced P.T.O. shaft, 100 gallon waste tank, Dual Heat exchangers, Cat 5CP pump with electric clutch, quick release control panel, dual solution quick disconnects for dual wanding, an easy access blower lube port and pump and blower level site tubes for ease of maintenance. The unit comes with 150’ of 2” vacuum and high temperature solution hose, a 10’ lead section of 11/2” vacuum hose, and a stainless steel carpet wand. The Cleanco units feature a 5 year Extend-A-Care warranty. (Contact us at Midwest Cleaning Technologies for more details)

MasterBlend Truckmounts       *The Innovators*

MasterBlend manufactures the “El Diablo” a powerful slide in unit available with your choice of 195,000 BTU diesel or 125,000 BTU propane heat systems. These units are manufactured on the principle that “Simple is Better!” These units feature a 3.6 g.p.m. Cat 3CP pump with an electric clutch, a Roots 45 Whispair DSL Blower creating 332CFM at 10” of mercury. The 75 gallon stainless steel waste tank utilizes a Kunkle Valve, which limits the relief of vacuum to 14” of mercury and prevents vacuum and airflow loss. MasterBlend states “this system allows long hose runs of 700 feet and dual wand cleaning with performance rivaling units with 47 or 56 blowers. ”This unit weighs approximately 700 pounds and can be mounted in the rear or side of a van. (Contact us at Midwest Cleaning Technologies for more details)

Flood-Smart Products       *Perform Beyond Expectations*

Flood-Smart Products present the Power Rescue One Flood Pumper. The worlds first flood pumping unit utilizing our supercharged vacuum system (patent pending) driven by a 24 HP Honda V-Twin Engine that produces 650 CFM. The unit is capable of pumping up to 60 gallons per minute. It comes with 150’ of lined Vacuum hose for additional chemical resistance, 100’ lined hose with locking connectors for secure waste removal. There is even a patent pending Discharge Splash Guard for clean and safe disposal. The unit is compact and light, with digital gauges to keep you informed and is ready for Dual wand operation for labor and time savings.

Call Midwest Cleaning Technologies today and let us build you the truck of your dreams!


Midwest Cleaning Technologies has a wide variety of portable cleaning machines. From small compact spotting machines to larger units set up for high performance cleaning of carpets and upholstery, tile and grout, or water damage restoration. We offer portables from MasterBlend, Esteam Manufacturing including the number 1 selling “Ninja”, Steamin Demon, and US Products. We have the portable cleaning units you want and need. We offer several configurations of vacuum and solution pressure as well as units with and without heat as well as High–Flow Extractors from Steamin Demon.

MasterBlend Portables       *Power of a Truck Mount*

MasterBlend introduces the new TruckForce and MasterForce cleaning units providing “The Power of a Truckmount… The Convenience of a Portable!” This unit allows you to deliver the serious power of a truckmount in places only a portable can go. Large capacity, 22 gallon solution, and 15 gallon recovery. Features an automatic fill and chemical feed system, a high volume 20 gallon per minute automatic pump out system, great when performing water extraction or high volume tile and grout cleaning. It has a heavy duty commercial grade roto-molded body with solid steel back and base. The 12” rear wheels help when climbing stairs and the 4 1/2” front casters are non-marking. It comes with 2 50’ power cords, a pressure gauge, hour meter, and 50’ of vacuum and solution hose, and a 2 jet S-bend wand.

There are three models to choose from.

The TruckForce 3500 offers maximum vacuum for carpet and upholstery cleaning. It features 3 two stage vacuum motors, in series delivering over 190” of water lift and 100 CFM. All connections are plumbed 2” for maximum airflow and vacuum recovery and is capable of cleaning with up to 100’ of hose. The 1.5 g.p.m. pump is adjustable from 50- 500 psi.

The TruckForce 1200 Model features maximum water pressure for hard surface tile and grout cleaning. Its 2.2 g.p.m. pump is adjustable from 100-200 psi for upholstery, 400-500 psi for carpet, and up to 1200 psi for tile and grout. 2 two-stage vacuums in series provide over 136” of water lift and 100 CFM. (Contact us at Midwest Cleaning Technologies for more details)

MasterForce Smaller size Big on performance! These smaller, lighter weight versions of the TruckForce portables come in a variety of performance packages. Pick the one that’s right for you!

Model 152 – 150 psi, 2 two-stage vacuums, one cord.

Model 152H – 150 psi, 2 two-stage vacuums, two cords, with heat.

Model 153 - 150 psi, 2 three stage vacuums, two cords.

Model 503 - 500 psi, 2 three stage vacuums, two cords, 1.5 g.p.m. pump, optional auto fill, chemical feed, and pump-out.

Model 1203 – 1,200 psi, 1 two stage and 1 three stage vacuum, auto fill, chemical feed, and pump-out. This unit has the ability to do it all carpet, upholstery, extraction, or tile and grout.

Esteam       *Products for Professional Cleaning*

Midwest Cleaning Technologies is proud to carry Esteam Manufacturing portable extractors. Esteam builds the rugged E-machine line of portable extractors. Available in sizes ranging from the E-250 power spotter to the E-1200 High performance hard surface portable. All of the units feature durable, two tone, blue and black roto-molded housings. These units use quality components designed to give outstanding durability and performance. All units are CSA-US approved.

There are five E-machines models.

The E-250 power spotter provides a professional image and results when performing specialized spotting or even touching up a wet cleanable piece of upholstery. It features a 2 1/2 gallon solution and recovery tank, a 50 psi oscillating pump, and a 2 stage vacuum producing 80” of water lift. Comes with a 15’ power cord, 8’ solution and vacuum hose and a hand tool.

The E-600 is perfect for small jobs, auto detailing, and wet cleaning upholstery. It features a 100 psi diaphragm demand pump with Viton seals. It has a 6-gallon solution and recovery tanks, and 1 Large 3 stage vacuum delivering 135” of water lift. It has a folding handle for easy loading into a vehicle and a 25’ power cord. An optional 200 degree F. internal heater is available as an option.

The E-1000 Ninja is the worlds #1 selling portable extractor offering convenience and reliability like no other! All E-1000 Ninja’s feature a roto-molded housing with a limited lifetime warranty. They have a 40 litre solution and recovery tank, quick release latch for easy servicing, and 25 foot power cords. There are units available in several configurations ranging from 100 – 500 psi, with and without internal heaters, and various combinations and sizes of vacuums. Contact us at Midwest Cleaning Technologies today to find the one that you are looking for.

The E1200 Hard Surface Cleaner has been designed for tile and grout cleaning. With auto fill and auto dump and 50’ fill and dump hoses the E-1200 Tile and Grout Portable is ready to tackle the tough jobs. The unit features 2 high performance two stage vacuums, an n adjustable 400-1200 psi plunger pump, dual power cords and a 10 gallon solution and recovery tank. This versatile portable extractor is ready for just about any task, carpet, upholstery, extraction, or tile and grout and can discharge at a rate of 2800 gallons per hour.

The E-1700 portable is a versatile extractor that puts you in the drivers seat. With its 17 gallon solution and 14.5 gallon recovery tank it allows you to choose the pump pressure and vacuum performance that best meets your need. Great for part time cleaners, new start ups, apartment communities, janitorial services etc, choose from 100, 150, or 200 psi solution pressures and then choose either 2 two-stage vacuums for 150” of water lift or 2 Three-stage vacuums for 185”. There is even an optional 200 degree F. Internal heater to increase your cleaning performance. Call us today and let us have Esteam Manufacturing build one for you!

Steamin Demon Portables       *Powerful Portable Carpet Extractors*

The Steamin Demon is not your typically portable extractor. In fact it uses more than two times the water flow of the most powerful truckmount units. This high flow extraction allows you to remove more soil in less time, especially on those heavily soiled commercial glue down carpets.

All Steamin Demon models feature an onboard dial a mix pre-spray system with a 33’ applicator hose and wand, and a toggle activated defoamer system to save valuable time when cleaning large areas. The incoming fresh water solution line, discharge hose, and power cord come fastened together for operator comfort and ease of use. These high flow, high powered units are lightweight ranging from 31.5 – 36 lbs making them easy to handle for most any operator. The specially designed Vortex motor delivers 124” of water lift and 114 CFM of airflow for reduced drying times. These units are used depending upon the model as a walk behind or push ahead and walk behind.

The Steamin Demon comes in 3 models:

The Steamin Demon Classic weighs 31.5 lbs, has a 14.5” wide cleaning path and a flow rate of 3-4 g.p.m. of water.

The Steamin Demon XL-15 weighs 34 lbs, has a 15” wide cleaning path and flows 3-4 g.p.m.

The Steamin Demon XL-20 weighs 36 lbs, has a 20” wide cleaning path and flows 3 g.p.m.

To learn more about the complete line of Steamin Demon High Flow Extractors call or stop by Midwest Cleaning Technologies today!

US Products       *High Quality Cleaning Equipment*

US Products offers an impressive line of portable cleaning units.

The new Advantage Series has 4 models, offering 100, 200, 400, and 1200 psi solution pressures.. All 4 models have an Instant 212°F heat system from a 2000 watt, inline heater (excluding the 1200), a single 3-stage vacuum, which delivers 137" of water lift for maximum water recovery, a 13 gallon recovery tank and an optional auto-fill and auto-dump system or continuous productivity. They have large 12" non-marking rear wheels and durable roto-molded bodies.

The Solus Series is a powerful, ergonomic portable carpet extractor for easy one person operation and transport. The Solus 500 is the first portable extractor to earn the top Gold level of certification from CRI's Seal of Approval program for deep cleaning extractors. Its features include, dual 3-stage or 2-stage, top mounted vacuums, your choice of adjustable 0-500 psi, a variable 300/75, and fixed 150 psi give the operator the power and versatility needed for the toughest jobs. A new optional feature is the solution re-circulator, it pre-heats the water in the tank up to 125 degrees.

The Agitator Series are self-contained carpet extractors available in 16 and 18” models are easy to operate, offering increased productivity, and less fatigue. The Agitator 18CR automatically applies chemical, agitates the chemical with a brush, applies fresh water to remove soil and chemical with a powerful vacuum system in one easy pass! A wide 18" or 16" cleaning path and 13 gallon capacity (AG 18 only) greatly increases production on large area carpet cleaning jobs.

The King Cobra 1200 PRO - Dual-Surface Machine - There is a reason they call it “the King”
One machine, for cleaning multiple surfaces! 1200 PSI for hard surface restoration or switch to the adjustable 150-500 psi pump and take advantage of instant 212 degree heat. These combinations of features make this a deep cleaning portable carpet extractor that’s hard to beat. The King Cobra also features a powerful 7.2" 3-stage vacuum which stands ready to immediately vacuums up the loosened soil and excess water, leaving floors clean and dry and ready to use with minimal downtime.

A key new feature of this unique machine is the adjustable 150-500 psi pump for carpet and upholstery cleaning. With 500 psi and instant 212°F water at the wand tip, this portable carpet extractor delivers superior cleaning power, in a compact, easy to use portable extractor. With performance that rivals a truck mount, the King Cobra 1200 PRO will boost cleaning efficiency, performance and versatility.


Olympus Portables       *Hydro-Force - Built On Innovation*

Olympus Portables feature a 12-gallon capacity rotationally molded polyethylene body with a top-mounted control panel. They have large, partially pneumatic, stair climbing wheels, a large easy access motor cavity-, 25' orange safety electrical cords, and comes with 25' of solution and vacuum hose, and a deluxe stainless steel 2-jet want.

CFR Portables       *CFR Pro Series Continuous Flow Recycling Extractor*

The Pro-500 13 gallon, 500 p.s.i, upright extractors top the industry in productivity. Used for a multitude of cleaning applications, one machine does it all. Our unique recycling technology virtually eliminates dump and refill down-time you normally experience with traditional extractors. Solution lasts up to 7 times longer, which means you get every job done faster.



Xaact Xodus  The Xodus Wand from Xaact Products is the Next-Generation Solution for the Professional Cleaner. Its Innovative

Design helps to increase extraction of dirt and moisture from carpeted surfaces making each job faster and more efficient. Our All-American design & assembly along with 100% Product Testing ensure Superior Performance that is supported by unparalleled customer service and an Industry Leading Factory Warranty.